Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (2024)

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (1)

Wedding season is finally here (whoop whoop!), and the invites are swiftly stacking up. This means the search for the perfect spring wedding guest outfit has officially begun! From our star-studded collection ofdressesand jumpsuits, to fancywomen’s footwearand accessories – we’re more than ready to help you discover the best-dressed guest look of your dreams!

What Colours Work For A Spring Wedding?

When choosing a colour for your wedding guest outfit, there are two simple rules to follow. Avoid wearing white and try not to upstage the bride – this might be difficult with our style tips (sorry not sorry!).

You’re sure to serve the ultimate look with our irresistiblewedding guest outfitsrange, wedding season, here we come!

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (2)

Pretty Pastels

Pastel shades are always a bright idea for spring wedding guest looks. From powder pink and baby blue to lemon yellow and sage green, whatever colour you choose – you’re onto a winner. Try a pretty pastelmidi dresswith a ditsy floral print, or slay in separates with amidi skirtand blouse in complementary pastel hues.

The best part? Pastel pieces slip seamlessly into your spring wardrobe so you can wear them again after the wedding. Sleek and sustainable clothing? We do!

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (3)

Beautiful Brights

If vibrant outfits are more for you, we’ve got the goods! Step out in trending spring faves like canary yellow, hot pink, or cobalt blue – we love them all. Or, if you can’t pick just one, build a multi-hued fit with a colour-popfloral dress– the power of flowers!

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (4)

Wear-Again Spring Dresses

Spring slashsummer dressesare a staple of any warm-weather wardrobe. Luckily, they also make ideal spring wedding guest ‘fits! From forever flatteringwrap dressesto floor-skimmingmaxi dresses, your perfect frock is just waiting to be yours! This year, we’re so smitten fortiered and ruffle dresses, and we reckon you will be too. Add a chic pair of heeled mules to finish your look and get ready to turn heads!

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (5)

Dressing For An Outdoor Spring Wedding

If the nuptials you’re attending are taking place outside, there’s more to consider when picking out your look! Think light layers, long sleeves, and floaty floor-length hemlines. Already have an outfit in mind? Worry not – you can definitely still rock it. Slip a beautiful blazer or colourfulwomen’s cardiganover the top for an extra layer of warmth. We promise it’ll only add more fierceness to your ‘fit!

If your heart’s set on wearing a dress, you can – no matter the weather! Just look out for long sleeve styles to fend off the early spring chill. Pro tip: a long-sleevedshirtorblousetucked into amidi skirtwill have the same, stylish effect!

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (6)

Boss A Tailored Look

Does a skirt or dress feel like a no go? Try teaming a printed blouse withformal trousersfor a gorgeous guest look with boss girl vibes. Add a fabulous pair of heels and some boldwomen’s accessoriesand feel seriously chic from the ceremony to the reception.

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (7)

One And Done Wedding Guest Outfits

For a simple and chic guest look,jumpsuitsare all you need. Comfortable, versatile, and totes on-trend – they’ll keep you warm for outdoor ceremonies, look incredible with heels and light layers… and don’t get us started on their dance floor potential!

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (8)

Step Out In Fabulous Footwear

We have all the footwear you need to feel fab from head to toe, from heavenly heeledmulesand prettyballet pumps. Another bright idea (we’re full of ‘em), pop a sweet pair of ballet flats into your bag to make your ‘fit outdoor-ready in a flash (ideal for weddings in grassy areas!). You’ll still look and feel gorge – plus sinking heels are a friend to nobody! Once you’re back inside, slip those slinky heels back on (or don’t) – the night is yours!

If heels are an outfit must, mules are your new bestie. Seriously stylish, effortlessly elegant, and much easier to wear from dusk ‘till dawn!

We know just how unpredictable the weather can be, and so if the temp drops on the day, you can always reach for ankle boots instead – #trendsetter!

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (9)

Must-Have Spring Accessories

It’s no news that spring outfits aren’t complete without the right accessories. For a wedding look, that means a sleek pair ofsunglassesfor sunny weather (and less squinting in pics!), and a stylishbagfor the essentials (confetti, phone for taking pictures and some tissues – tears v. likely!).

Our advice? Leave your tote at home and choose a chicclutchorcrossbody bag. They’re easier to hold and large enough to carry whatever bits and bobs you need. Plus, if you choose a matching shade, it’ll complement your ‘fit to perfection!

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (10)

Don’t miss our guide onSpring wardrobe styling.

Spring<br/>Wedding Guest<br/>Outfit Inspo (2024)


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